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Power to Our Children

  I read a wonderful article by Roy Richard Grinker, a noted anthropologist and a father of an autistic daughter. It gave a lot of insights into how society can evolve to provide the best and appropriate care/services to some … Continue reading

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How Sahil Started Swallowing Tablets

I have always had a problem swallowing tablets, and one of the phobias I have had is that they will get stuck in my throat and I wont be able to breathe. In fact, it seems to be a self … Continue reading

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Our Experiences With Diets-1

 (Gluten Free- Casein free and Anti Allergy Rotation Diet)  A lot of parents have reported significant changes in the behavior of their children with different types of diets. People say “we are what we eat”, and nowhere is this more … Continue reading

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Yeast Clostridia and the Gut-2

All appeared to be quiet on the Yeast front for sometime. But there was something else that was worrying me. My son at the age of less then 10 years was showing signs of precocious puberty. I took him to … Continue reading

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Yeast, Clostridia and the Gut – 1

  CANDIDA ALBICANS I can write for ever on this topic so for easier reading I am going to break it down into a series of pieces. The first time I read about Yeast and autistic children I was not … Continue reading

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Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans, originally uploaded by michaelhontele.

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Our experiences with NACD

NACD (National Association of Child Development) is one of the therapies that is currently catching on for use with autistic children. Actually, it is a set of techniques that can be used with any child to accelerate learning, be they … Continue reading

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This Site is being opened for updates on the very latest treatments in autism/special needs research. Sahil is 11 years old and moderately autistic. Much of his past treatments have been useful in providing pointers on what works for all … Continue reading

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