This Site is being opened for updates on the very latest treatments in autism/special needs research. Sahil is 11 years old and moderately autistic. Much of his past treatments have been useful in providing pointers on what works for all these kids; what works for some kids; what sounds nice but may not work.

Parents would also have to take into consideration cost of treatments; workability of treatments given their family’s individual situation; length of treatment, while deciding/choosing how to deploy their financial, energy and time commitments.
On a personal note I would like to thank and acknowledge the contributions of the following people in Sahil’s life:
1)Sona Jaisinghani for being the first person to recognise Sahil’s autism and push me to get him evaluated

2)BBC- for airing the documentary on How a severely child autistic child recovered using Lovaas therapy

3)Krishna Narayan- for writing the most divinely sensitive autobiography”wasted talent” that makes every reader fall in love with him. For the first time I realised who Sahil actually was, and what he went through daily, after reading this book.

4)Prachi Sinha-For believing in Sahil’s genius, for making others believe in it and most important of all, making Sahil believe in himself

5)Shalini Dave- For believing in Sahil and giving him a chance at Vasant Valley School and continuing to support him through his ups and downs

6)Neng- His first teacher at Vasant Valley who knew exactly how to reach him and how to push him to perform

7)Dr Dan Rossignol- Sahils Doctor, the most knowledgable, and well meaning physician in the world, who has held our hand, while navigating the tough but rewarding biomedical treatment path.

8)Sandeep Mahajan- For showing me how to channel the power of the internet.

9)Jaideep Mahajan- For supporting his wife and child through thick and thin.

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3 Responses to Introduction

  1. payal says:

    Congrats, Harshita. I am sure your breadth and depth of knowledge will benefit a lot of people. You go, girl !

  2. Mini says:

    well done, lot of in-depth information. Good work. Keep it up.

  3. Nirupama says:

    Dear Harshita,

    Sahil and you have come a long way since Bangalore. I would like to congratulate you on your efforts and am amazed at the depth of your knowledge! Sahil is a big boy now!!
    I too have have come across something new in the Autism therapy. Its called ‘Curative Education’ started by Dr.Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century. He too advocated taking care of the gut as it relates directly to the brain and behavior. Their treatment is very very holistic and takes into consideration all aspects of the child’s life and also that of the family. You can get more info on the net about this. Also look up on Camphill Communities. There’s one in Bangalore for adults. I’m now getting trained in this as I find it to be a very human approach. There is a special school based on this method called Sandeepani in Hyderabad. It gave me a lot of deep insights into why a child with autism is the way he is for the very first time!

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