Yeast, Clostridia and the Gut – 1

 Candida Albicans


I can write for ever on this topic so for easier reading I am going to break it down into a series of pieces.

The first time I read about Yeast and autistic children I was not too worried, the problem if it existed appeared to be something that had a solution and if it had a solution that meant that there would be significant improvements after implementing it.

When I first got Sahil tested by the GPL in the US he did test positive for elevated Yeast metabolites in his urine. He was three and I thought- great now we have something to treat. When I checked with the experts at that time they told me to put him on probiotics and perhaps Nystatin. Well, he became very hyper on probiotics and nystatin was scratched off our trial list by well meaning, but not particularly clued in, local doctors, so that was that.

Well I didn’t quite give up. I had read Dr William Shaws Book on the subject and raw garlic was propagated as quite a potent anti fungal so we started Sahil off on a couple of raw garlic pods every day. Surpisingly we started seeing him become much calmer and less hyper active. The difference was tangible and my hopes soared.

However in a weeks time he was back to his normal level of hyper activity and increasing the garlic had no effect.  What we did not know at the time was that Yeast is very wily and becomes immune to natural antifungals given enough time. This could be a very short period, some say even 4 days. So we again decided that all this did not work and gave up

 We continued the raw garlic without benefit for several months and subsequently changed over to garlic tablets(also without any benefit) for some time and then we stopped. We lived with the hyperactivity and behaviors and they became part of my son’s persona.

 Many years later, We started HBOT with Sahil and saw a huge flare of Yeast within a couple of weeks of starting. How did I know it was a Yeast flare- I don’t know, I had been reading and doing my research so the symptoms did match. He became so hyper and giggly that he seemed to be high or drunk on the oxygen. We had not yet started the DAN protocol but as I had restarted researching biomedical interventions on the Internet we again started raw garlic and again almost immediately we saw the magic calming down.

It has always surprised me that raw garlic has not caused the “textbook” die off symptoms associated with potent antifungals but seemed to nevertheless control the yeast overgrowth to an extent that a tangible calming is visible. This time I knew that we didn’t have much time before the yeast became immune so I was ready with my second line of natural defence- caprylic acid. With the Caprylic acid we held off the yeast until a few days later I had my first appointment with Dr Dan Rossignol Sahil’s DAN.

Subsequently we implemented the DAN protocol and added Nystatin which is actually a harmless Rx which has no side effects. Did we beat the Yeast? Well not permanently. We have been in recurring battle with the gut bugs with clostridia also coming in to the mix to escalate the war. But the good news is that we are now getting there and as the saga unfolds you will see that a multi pronged attack is required….

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