Yeast Clostridia and the Gut-2

All appeared to be quiet on the Yeast front for sometime. But there was something else that was worrying me. My son at the age of less then 10 years was showing signs of precocious puberty. I took him to our local doctor who examined him and confirmed that Sahil had entered puberty two months shy of his 10th birthday. The worst part was that certain precocious sexual behaviors had also appeared, mostly during bathing and toileting . Taking these behaviors to be part and parcel of puberty, we braced our selves for some tough times ahead.

What we also observed was that when we started another round of HBOT these behaviors seemed to get worse, and were not just restricted to the bathroom. His teachers at school also complained that he no longer listened to female teachers and worked best with male special educators. It really seemed that the onset of puberty was going to be a problem.

Since we were also seeing hyperactivity during this period, it occurred to me that perhaps the Nystatin was not containing the Yeast. Maybe was it possible that the infection had spread to his sexual organs? I bounced this idea off Dr Dan.

We immediately put him on a strong prescription antifungal “Ketoconozole” This antifungal is very strong and cannot be taken for long periods of time like Nystatin because of its effects on the liver, so its important to monitor liver functions regularly while taking this medicine. This antifungal also has the  effect of lowering testosterone levels.

The morning after giving him Ketoconozole we saw the precocious sexual behaviors completely disappear.

However for the first time we saw the infamous “Herxheimer reaction” occur or in simple parlance Yeast Die Off. Our son became an angry aggressive hyperactive monster. He was worst in the evening. There was screaming, jumping, hyperactivity and so much unexpected aggression. We had read about a die off but never seen it with Sahil before. He was totally out of control for about five days. It started slowly, built up by the second day and then peaked by the third day and then started reducing and was gone after the fifth day of Ketoconozole.

And then there was peace. It was like a storm had passed and his hyper activity died down. He was calm collected happy and working with female teachers again. Not only had the Yeast behaviors of hyperactivity and giggling disappeared but all the precocious behaviors had gone and our child was back….

But we also knew that Ketoconozole cannot be used for ever and nor does it kill Yeast indefinitely.

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