Message Posted To Autism Mercury List(12thJanuary2010) on how to handle Yeast and Clostridia

Re: An alternative to flagyl for gut bacteria? Probiotics? Help! LONG

My son had terrible problems with Yeast and Clostridia and we were on Rx almost
permanently and my biggest nightmare was that what happens when the gutbugs
become immune to the Rxs. We have then tackled the whole gut on a war footing
with a plan that has slowly been evolving and adjusting based on how my son has
been responding.
We have managed to keep both Yeast and Clostridia at bay and are now off all Rx
antifungals and bacterials(Ketoconozole, nystatin, flagyl etc)and on maintenance
with a rotation of natural antifungals, capsule probiotics and natural
probiotics with a strict low complex carb diet, with very very occasional
weekend pulsing of Rx. The whole process of managing the gut has to be done with
a long term point of view-
There are several factors to be taken into account.

1)If you are having a yeast or clostridia flare –

then ideally you have to take Rx to tackle the problem quickly-

but you will see a die off so that is something you have to be prepared for.

When you are doing Rx managing diet and probiotics is not so important initially
– but when you have to plan to get off Rx both diet and probiotics are very very

2)You have to keep both Yeast and bacteria in mind and treat both simultaneously
otherwise one will happily replace the other.

3)Before going off Rx you have to switch to a diet that does not feed these
organisms. This is different for each child, but essentially very low in complex
carbohydrates, no sugar – high veggies and proteins. a bit of fruit – this is
what suited my son. luckily he tolerates casein so we do tons of yoghurt but
iguess you can do yoghurt with nondairy milk too

4)Kefir is a wonderful source of natural probiotics but if your child doesnt
tolerate dairy – you can use capsule probiotics to ferment the coconut water.
(beware in the cold it can take 3-6 days)Both yoghurt and fermented coconut
water are a fantastic source of natural probiotics. If they are fermented
properly they are much stronger probiotics than the capsule probiotics. if your
capsule contains billions of bacteria, the kefir will contain trillions. We try
and ensure at least 300 ml of fermented coconut water and 400ml of yoghurt is
taken taken daily by my son

5)With diet in place along with substantial probiotic supplementation(natural
and capsule) remove one Rx at a time. We removed flagyl first.

6)Watch for resurgence.- We pulsed flagyl for a weekend after three weeks of gap
and watched for die offs.

7)We switched to Nystatin from Ketoconozole after we were sure that clostridia
was under control and started to plan for yeast rx removal

8)We have then switched to a rotation of naturals from nystatin and are now
doing crushed raw garlic 3 days then saccharomyces boulardi 3 days and then 3
days of yeast aid and then back to SB for three days.
This seems to be working for my son.

We are not doing GSE because that kills probiotics as well so since our whole
plan centers around managing to populate the gut with probiotics and not feeding
the bad guys-it doesnt make sense for us to give something that kills both the
good guys and the bad guys.

9)Probiotics for this maintenance program are:SuperProbiogold, Culturelle, and
threelac(when we do the three days of naturals)

10)other factors to be taken into account-
a)HBOT stimulates yeast so when doing dives my DS has to be on strongest Rx for
b)Antibiotics would kill the probiotic balance so we have to do extra
supplementation and Rx after antibiotics.
Luckily we have found Ganoderma/ reishi tincture which seems to have boosted my
sons immunity to both viral and other non gut infections so we have not needed
antibiotics for about 6 months since starting the medicinal mushrooms
c)HBOT kills bad bacteria so no need for flagyl during Hbot

This whole process has taken a year and we are able to bounce back from diet
infractions pretty fast because i think my sons gut is now healing a bit….

Hope this helps


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3 Responses to Message Posted To Autism Mercury List(12thJanuary2010) on how to handle Yeast and Clostridia

  1. chriso prodromou says:

    sorry what is RX?

  2. Charmaine Jones says:

    Thanks for all the info. you’ve shared. I’ve fermented coconut water with capsule probiotics successfully, but my son hates the taste of it. I considered mixing it with juice, but then that feeds yeast. Any other ideas? My son just turned 3.
    Also, we just finished a round of flagyl but have been doing diflucan simultaneously. He’s been acting very yeasty the past few days, so I fear the flagyl caused a yeast flare but I’m hoping another week of diflucan will keep it at bay.
    As far as diet goes, we did strict SCD for 8 months and his yeast and clostridia got worse. We’ve switched to a low oxalate diet and it seems to be going well, though he hates meat and veggies. Mostly, he eats bread made with coconut flour, plus avocado, blueberries, eggs, pears and popcorn.

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