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The Journey

Source unknown but had to share: My name is Stefani .. I have Autism. .. This is my Mummys favourite poem♥ I am going on a journey, …Won’ t you come along? I need someone to help me . A … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Vs Gliadin Free Diets

Corn contains proteins called Corn gluten(which is extracted as a processing byproduct and used as a weedkiller) Celiac and autism forums generally allow corn in GF diets – why? Well turns out that the protein that the immune system predominantly … Continue reading

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The Surge of the Super Special Entrepreneurs

A new trend is emerging in the “Special” family community. I feel privileged and happy to see this happen. Parents now want to “Be the change” they wish to see for their children… It started many years back when my friend … Continue reading

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Vitamin B12 forms, Folate and Autism

This is an interesting/informative post on B12 vitamins from Metagenics/Dr Mercola’s : In a broad sense B-12 still refers to a group of cobalt-containing vitamer compounds known as cobalamins: these include 1)cyanocobalamin (an artifact formed as a result of the … Continue reading

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Post 5 days of Camel Milk; Degeneration…Quest and…Discovery…

Degeneration… My supply of 2 litres of imported Dubai camel milk  finished in 6 days. Some of the effects of camel milk appear to be unfortunately immediate and impermanent. We were on vacation in Goa while the camel milk trial was on. The … Continue reading

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