The Journey

Source unknown but had to share:

name is
Stefani ..
I have Autism. ..
This is my Mummys favourite

I am going on a journey,
…Won’ t you come along?
I need someone to help me .
A person big and strong.
I’ m  walking on my journey
But my feet are very small .
Can you stand beside  me,
And catch me if I fall ?
At times when I can ‘t keep up With life
and all its fears ,
Can you put me on your shoulders
And wipe away the  tears ?
When the steps I take are not big enough
And it ‘s hard for me  to grow
I know I can depend on you
To let me take it slow.
I’ m going on a journey,
Please, won’ t you walk with me ?
I need someone who  understands
The place where I should be.
I promise when the road is tough
And you want to turn back home .
I will hold your hand real tight,
So you won’ t feel so alone.
I’ m going on a journey I don’t
know where it ends ,
But if we walk together,
We can always be best friends .
And when the journey’s over
And we find where we should be.
I know that you will be so glad,
You took this path with me.
I’ m  going on a journey,
Please, won’ t you come along?
I need someone to guide
me  A parent —big & strong. ♥
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One Response to The Journey

  1. Tatyana Haddock says:

    This brought me to tears… my autistic son is 6 years old today and he has taken us on such a journey… he has opened our eyes to the things that hurt us that we believed were safe and he has allowed our hearts to take leaps of faith to pursue healing in places we had never fathomed… our children need us, indeed, but give so much in return for the sacrifice of ASD… I am humbled…

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