Harshita Mahajan

Harshita Mahajan is the mother of Sahil Mahajan who is 13 years old . She is an MBA who worked in the Finance sector for 10 years. When Sahil was diagnosed with Autism in 2000, She  resigned  her assignment at HDFC Bank and devoted herself full time to researching and implementing  treatments to help Sahil. This Site documents some of the experiences of the many treatments undertaken with Sahil and the ongoing research of programs/protocols that help special needs children.


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  1. Juliette says:

    Hi. My son is 9 and has been on body ecology diet for about 6 months. However, once winter hit, his behaviors returned signifying that his immune system is impaired, especially in winter. He was prescribed a round of flagyl for giardia and anaerobes and we just started today. I am sooooo nervous reading all the horrible side effects. I am trying to be vigilant about keeping any kind of alcohol in any form out of his diet and grooming products and I read that one person did better when she avoided vinegar as well. So I was wondering if fermented foods and drink cause a problem as well. My question is, would it be ok to give coconut water kefir and cultured vegetables while on flagyl? I would really appreciate your thoughts and expertise. Thank you!

    • Hi,
      We have had no problems with giving kefir and flagyl together. However flagyl comes with its own symptoms such as the die off it causes. If you want to be sure that there is no reaction dont give kefir for the first week while giving flagyl(however you are losing the opportunity of lining the gastric tract with good bacteria while the bad one are dying)kefir made with kefir starter can have a bit of alcohol because of the yeast in it. You can also use normal probiotics to ferment and it will probably have less alcohol. Normally more alcohol is produced when its fermented for longer, when yeast is used and when its kept airtight. From what i have read the amount of alcohol is 0.5%to about 2%(when its fermented really long and kept airtight). I ferment kefir for longer periods in winter and have given it with flagyl with no bad effects. Thanks to kefir – i dont have to give flagyl now!

  2. Aniruddha Ghosal says:


    I am conducting a cross cultural study on young siblings of children with disabilities. I already have an Australian sample, and I am looking to collect an Indian sample to better understand the ways in which specific cultural knowledge is needed to be included in the treatment of these disabilities.

    My research is being supervised by the University of Sussex, UK.

    I was wondering if there way anyway in which you could help me collect more data. Thanks.

    My email ID is aniruddha.ghosal@gmail.com.

  3. Revathi says:

    Hi Harshita,
    Am trying to find a means of procuring camel milk or frozen camel milk at Mumbai, India for someone with a serious medical condition. I have been exploring Bikaner, Dubai (Camelicious) and Rajasthan Co-op Dairy without much luck. Would be grateful for any leads in this direction.

    Thanks for all your help

    • Manjunath B G says:

      I visited Nagaur, Rajasthan almost an year ago on some office work. I applied a general thought that camels are more and I can get anywhere in Rajsthan.
      But later I realized we may not get in towns and if you can follow someone who can direct you to a village I do hope you will get.
      I managed to sip atlast when I was taken by a local man some 17 Km away from the town. It appears you may not get in co-operative milk societies and I am unsure you may get in bulk. But try supplementing them with some extra money. Many sell at a a higher price for the rich who need.
      Good luck

  4. pieter says:

    hi Harshita
    i am wish you all the best and i admire your search . i would say would it not be worth it to consider donkey milk in the place of camel milk? donkey milk is even more similar to human milk than camel milk, also donkey milk does not go bad. there has been very good and similar reports with autism children on donkey milk . a donkey produces roughly 1 liter per day if milked twice. the foal has to be kept close. average dose i believe in the region of 200ml per day

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