Adventures in S-land

Just decided to revive this blog…this last year has been a very busy year with a lot of time and energy being devoted to my facebook research page :

and developmental activities for our Delhi/NCR based parent support group SAATH, fundraising for Muskaan, writing and sourcing articles on special needs etc All these initiatives are now well off the ground and so I can now get back to writing for this page. and of course Sahil…

The last year has been a very interesting year for both Sahil and me.

Sahil has moved from an inclusive school to a specialised school for children with autism in order to maximise intervention

His Biomed intervention has been pared down a bit and a very successful homeopathic intervention has been initiated about 6 months back.

We have removed a large number of toxins from our immediate environment including mosquito repellant, shampoos, perfumes, creams, deoderants, OTC medicines

OTC  meds/personal care items have been replaced by herbs and herbal mixtures. We are organic now in our spices and pulses.

We are both completely Gluten free and Casein free. Uptill about two months ago, I still allowed Sahil casein in the form of yogurt for probiotic support. Probiotics are now mostly from Coconut kefir.

We have discovered that both of us are huge responders to craniosacral therapy.

We are both long distance runners. Sahil, naturally, and myself with a lot of effort.

So I decided to add a section which covers our life together which is actually a blast because Sahil is naturally a lot smarter than  the people who delude themselves into thinking that they can teach him anything.  I call it adventures in S-land and hope that along the way we can share some of the fun that the two of us have. The unending battle for supremacy between the creator (thats me) and the work in progress (Sahil) lets see who comes out on top….


4 Responses to Adventures in S-land

  1. screensteals says:

    Thank you for this wonderful glimpse into S-Land 🙂
    You are so inspiring and I am proud to know someone as wonderful and dedicated as you!!
    Your blog is wonderful; from an artistic, knowledge and info sharing perspective……..and beyond!!!
    Keep writing!

    Be blessed,


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  3. Amit says:


    Please let me know where I can get Cranio sacral therapy for my son in Delhi -NCR.Many thanks in advance.

    You may please e-mail me at


  4. Maria Taheny says:

    I am a second year PhD student of Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University, the mother of eight biological children and one with autism. He is the WHOLE reason why I decided to go to grad school. I LOVE that you call your daily experiences with your son Life in S-Land! I refer to the things I learn through my son as Life Lessons with Liam, because he teaches me WAY more than I will ever teach him!

    In my studies, I have found Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center is doing an awful lot of work on autism with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. The results have been quite remarkable and the long term result have been staggering. If you search rTMS and autism, you should be able to find it. It is so wonderful that we live at this time of great hope!

    Best wishes!

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