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Vitamin B12 forms, Folate and Autism

This is an interesting/informative post on B12 vitamins from Metagenics/Dr Mercola’s : In a broad sense B-12 still refers to a group of cobalt-containing vitamer compounds known as cobalamins: these include 1)cyanocobalamin (an artifact formed as a result of the … Continue reading

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5 Days of Camel milk

Camel Milk sounded like another unlikely therapy that a “somewhat less sane” “obsessive-compulsive” or just simply “nuts”parent like myself would get embroiled in. Or so my husband thought when I requested him to carry back 2 litres of Camel Milk … Continue reading

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Minocycline Experiences

Minocycline is a promising treatment for autism because of many reasons. It has already got positive results in fragile x cases and is being tested in autism because of its neuroprotective qualities as well as it strong anti inflammatory action … Continue reading

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Sahil and the Monster Machine

Someone from the National Brain Research Institute got in touch with me a while back asking if I could enroll Sahil in an MRI/fMRI  study on the processing of music vs speech in persons with autism. I was pretty interested as … Continue reading

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Pivotal Response training can work Long distance

0Program to Provide Introductory Training in Pivotal Response Treatment To Parents of Children With Autism This full text was provided free for a bit of time-quickly got hold of it …

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Experiences with HBOT-1

Our first exposure to HBOT as a concept was while I was waiting in a doctors office where i read an unbelievable article. A Doctor Ite Boerma took all the red blood cells out of a bunch of pigs and they were able … Continue reading

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